Privacy Policy

The PhotoSpiralysis apps and website are created and maintained by Erwin de Groot (contact information is on the contact page).


The PhotoSpiralysis app allows the user to provide a picture (‘source image’). This picture will only be used as input for the Droste Effect (which is the main function of the app). Resulting images can be stored by the user for personal use. Source images and resulting images are not used for any other purposes.


The Microsoft advertising API (Windows), Google AdMob (iOS) and Google Adsense (website) are used for displaying advertisements.

Analytics Data

Analytics data and error information may be collected and will only be used to improve the app and the website.

The app may use in-app telemetry (“App Analytics”) provided by Microsoft. This data will solely be used for improving the app. None of this data will be provided to third parties.

On the website information is collected through Google Analytics to create statistics (like the number of page visits and demographic spread). For more information on Google Analytics and privacy, check their Privacy Overview.

This Privacy Policy was last modified on December 26th 2017.