The very first version of PhotoSpiralysis (version alpha) is a Windows Desktop application. It is currently not maintained anymore and will not contain all features of the never versions. It is still available for download here.

AlphaIcon PhotoSpiralysis Alpha ( (uninstall previous version first)
* Includes support for transparent regions. Allows you to use the transparent area of the image (png or tiff format) to indicate the ‘inner area’.
* New transformation formula’s that are more in line with Escher’s “Print Gallery”, which means less distortion.
* This version includes both pixel shader 2.0 and pixel shader 3.0, so there is no need for a special download anymore. If your machine does not support pixel shader 3.0, right click on the preview area to select pixel shader 2.0.
AlphaIcon PhotoSpiralysis Alpha (
Standard version. This version uses Pixel Shader 3.0. In case your graphics device does not support PS3.0, the preview pane will show up black. If this happens, please use the special ‘Shader 2.0’ version below.
AlphaIcon PhotoSpiralysis Alpha Shader 2.0
Special version for older machines that do not support Pixel Shader 3.0. The preview pane will use Pixel Shader 2.0 instead, but at reduced quality. (If you installed the standard version before, you need to de-install it first.)

PhotoSpiralysis  Alpha © 2010-2015 Erwin de Groot.
PhotoSpiralysis Alpha is free for personal and commercial use. Any images created using (any version of) PhotoSpiralysis are yours to use as you please. When posting/publishing images, a reference to the app or this website is greatly appreciated.
Modifications, adaptations or derivative works of the software are not allowed. The software is provided ‘as is’ without any warranties. Use at own risk.