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Start PhotoSpiralysis

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Transform your pictures into Escher-like works of art! Apply the Droste effect to any picture with this easy to use app. Use images with transparent backgrounds, or apply your own mask inside the app. Interactively change the properties of the effect and instantly see the result!

Get it from Microsoft

Don’t have Windows 10 or iOS? You can use the online app as well:

Start PhotoSpiralysis (HTML5)
Start PhotoSpiralysis (Silverlight)
  • Does not require plug-ins
  • Improved image quality (bicubic input sampling and supersampled output)
  • Incremental rendering (image keeps on improving while the user idles)
  • Only supports PNG image format
  • Transparent areas need to be created with an offline editor
  • Slow compared to Silverlight version (limited multithreading support in HTML5)
  • Buid in tool to create transparent areas (circle or 4-sided polygon)
  • Supports JPEG and PNG
  • Fast compared to the HTML5 version
  • Requires Silverlight plug-in
  • Currently only supported by Internet Explorer and Safari on macOS. On macOS High Sierra this requires a settings change.