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January 31st, 2018

Transform your pictures into Escher-like works of art! Apply the Droste effect to any picture with this easy to use app. Use images with transparent backgrounds, or apply your own mask inside the app. Interactively change the properties of the effect and instantly see the result!

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Silverlight not supported on …

January 31st, 2018

It started with Google Chrome, but now also Firefox and Opera have dropped support for Silverlight. On top of that, Safari on macOS High Sierra requires the users to twiddle with the browser settings before Silverlight apps will work properly (see instructions here). Microsoft Edge has never supported Silverlight.

Support for Silverlight is dwindling, so I will not maintain this version anymore. It will be available for another while for whoever still uses it.

I’ve created an HTML5 app to replace the Silverlight version, which will work on any decent browser. Unfortunately I had to drop the transparency options, so you need to rely on your own editor to add transparency beforehand (which you need to do anyway if you want the best results). Also the HTML5 version only supports PNG images.

Windows 10 app in Microsoft Store

December 31st, 2017

I recently published a Windows 10 app of PhotoSpiralysis. You can find the download link in the sticky post above. This app can render the images much faster compared to its online cousins. Furthermore, it sports some extra features like the possibility to apply a circular mask, a polygon mask OR apply a chroma filter (a.k.a. green screen filter). Enjoy!